Let’s Get Planting!


It’s a wonderful time to plant your garden plot.  For extra help, Sean Hitch has been hired to be our garden coordinator.  He is in the garden Tues. – Sat. 7 am – 11 am. to answer your questions or help you get started.  The soil is ready to use – no need to add anything to it.

Below is only a partial list of what I have put in my garden.  If I plant from seed, I’ve noted that.  Otherwise, I buy starter plants at local nurseries.  


Bush beans – seed

Carrots – seed

Chard, ruby red – seed

Flowers – wildflowers from seed

Kale – seed

Mixed greens – seed


Spinach – seed

Sugar snap peas – seed, but you will need a trellis for them to climb

Tomato – my favorite is Roma or any of the patio, cherry tomatoes

If you have questions, please email FECgarden@gmail.com and we can help you!


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