Time to Fertilize

Hi Gardeners,

It is time to consider adding a fertilizer to your plot.  Each plot started with most nutrients required for good plant growth in the amended soil plus the addition of pelletized chicken manure.  As plants mature, the nutrients are depleted and will need periodic addition to your growing plants and flowers.

You can access the internet or ask your nursery for information on the best fertilizer to buy for the plants/flowers you are growing.  Read the labels for how often to fertilize and how to apply.  Some of us use liquid fertilizers which can be applied by mixing a prescribed amount of crystals into 1-Gallon of water.  Others prefer dry fertilizers which can be spread on the soil or dug slightly into the soil.

Some common fertilizers are:   SuperThrive, made from kelp;  Miracle Gro Plant Food;  Miracle Gro Bloom.  This is not a comprehensive list.

If you need help, ask our garden coordinator, Sean Hitch.

Happy Gardening!

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