Friendship Evergreen Community Garden at Ehrhardt Park

New Photos 7/14

Composting Station Being Built
Our Second Shed Has Been Donated
Future Rose Beds
East Entrance

From Inside the Garden

Close up of Garden Soil
Future Area For Roses
Grading the path with roundabout
Lots of room for expansion

Planting Bed Details

Beds will be numbered for identification
Some beds can be converted to be wheelchair accessible

Planting Soil Has Arrived

The Garden Boxes are being filled with planting soil. Each Box will have water piped to it and will be gardener controllable as well as auto drip.

A Garden Video

 The Garden.mp4

Update on Garden Construction

New Signs

Construction is Moving Along

Photos taken from outside the garden fence. Planter boxes are almost done, the fence is nearly complete. You can see where we will have picnic tables. Water to the boxes is being installed and the addition of lighting is complete.

Planter Boxes

The Planter Boxes will be several different heights and sizes.

This is the first of several Garden Sheds for tool storage

Redwood for Planter Boxes

Redwood for the Planter Boxes has arrived 🙂